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are you straight

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My love for the bae has increased tenfold

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And, though I’m still screaming about that moment with Korra protecting Asami, I’m just….


Asami’s now wearing her hair in a similiar with her mother style


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third of the last

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I don't know if something like this was asked but here we go, i have had a passion for lewd art and regular and have always wanted to draw stuff like that but i have no skill at the moment, do you know what kinda stuff a beginner like me should start off with or what do i practice with? (that probably sounds unclear but i mean should i use reference books or tutorial videos if so which kinds because there's so many)

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Sorry for the delay in responding to this anon, this question was really hard to answer! but I tried ^w^

It’s hard to answer because I started drawing about 9 years ago, so it’s hard to remember what exactly helped me learn when I first started out. I don’t look at much beginner material nowadays so personally I don’t really know any good tutorials/videos for someone who is starting out ^w^;

I think the most important thing every artist needs at every stage is motivation; the desire to draw. You have to find something that you love drawing, or you won’t draw enough, and fail. Find something you’re interested in drawing, be that lewd-art, anime, cartoons, animals, people, places, watever!

All the expensive stuff (digital tablets, expensive pencils/paper etc.) don’t really make you a better artist, it just helps you speed up your workflow (or get a particular result), the fundamentals of drawing are what are important (developing your hand eye coordination, draftsmanship skills, and your critical eye). For that all you need is an ordinary pencil and paper!

Drawing people is probably a bad subject to start with, but there’s no rules to say you can’t, it just might be difficult to start with. Still life (art depicting mostly inanimate objects) might be easier for an absolute beginner (although it’s pretty boring it is important). It’s good for beginners as it will help you understand simple shapes, proportion and 3d space, while getting you used to holding a pencil and getting familiar with mark-making.

Pick some simple everyday household objects (fruit, bottles, little boxes, anything simple looking really), put one in front of you and try to replicate it onto the paper, forget about about what you think an object "should" look like, use your eyes and see what is in front of you, always look at what in front of you and continually compare to what you’ve put on the paper, correcting and adjusting as you go. Draw what you see, all artists (even me) tend to develop this habit of drawing what we think something looks likes, and I see beginner artists make this mistake a lot.

But owler "how do people drawing from imagination" I hear you say, well people draw from imagination by pulling from everything they’ve learned from closely studying objects/anatomy etc. The idea is to observe something and draw it so much that you build up a mental library you can pull from in the future. That’s all drawing is really, looking at something lots, drawing it over and over and over, until you can draw it correctly without looking at it. Then “style” is kinda taking what you’ve learned and simplifying and/or distorting it.

Again sorry I don’t have any good tutorials on where to start, but if you’re really serious about giving it a go then get googling and youtubing some beginner tutorials! I’m sure there are lots out there. I’ve always heard good things about Andrew Loomis books (and they’re FREE). Fun with a pencil I’ve heard is a good place to start and may help you understand construction. Construction is a basic concept that is important to become familiar with, like how you see artists start out with simple shapes (circles, ovals etc) and then they build upon them. The idea is simplify then elaborate.

As for what kinds of tutorials you should be looking at…is everything an okay answer? xD but seriously in art there’s not really a thing such as having too much knowledge, most tutorials are helpful (some more than others) but it all goes into your collective knowledge and you learn what works and what doesn’t for you. From what I’ve seen all artists journeys are quite personal, you need to find what you feel weak in and search for ways to improve in those areas. Like when I wanted to learn how to ink, I watched a ton of vids of artists I liked inking stuff, that led me to looking at other stuff talking about “line weight”, and how to create depth through your line art.

Last words of advice, don’t be too hard on yourself, that’s the reason I’ve seen a lot of artist give up, but I promise you if you keep drawing you’ll get better. It’s just improvement as an artist is usually a really slow process, if you keep your old drawings and look back at them every year you will see the improvements. The improvements are just hard to see from drawing to drawing.

I hope that helps, if anyone else has some links to good beginner tutorials or what kinds of tutorials are good for someone starting out please feel free to share!

I’m sure anon and others would appreciate it! c:

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someone please edit this part so hes a fast food server and hes handing u a tray of fries”your total is tHREEEEEEEE NINETY FIVE”. via nyenuma

did it and now im done

"sorry for the delay on your burger!"


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