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suave asami takes korra to a bar idk

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I’m disappointed to see that no one has done this yet but I’d say I’m more disappointed in myself

Satsuki uses the net only for very important things

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idk some Howler and Nystev for @owlerart

one of them is gonna get animated at some point woop

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I literally saved this as korrasamismoochie.jpg 

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I said I’d do it X

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i think we need to put kyhuafterdark and owler’s art into mass production 

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Make Em’ Howl

I was in Owler’s stream one day and in Owler’s stream a lot of people ask her some pretty random questions. One person asked if she ever intended to do a Futa version of Howler. She said that it was a possibility some day, but that she had a lot of other things between now and that point. At the time I was looking for something to sketch so I was like “Hey, would it be alright if I took a crack at that? I know it’s not been done before.” she said go for it. She gave me a HUGE amount of latitude on just how I could have approached it too. I considered a lot of possibilities but in the end I wanted something that might be relatable to fans of the character who also like futa. I can always run her through some weird arcane-futa thing later if I want….because Owler is incredibly generous with her own character. Uncommonly so I think.

At any rate, I hope she digs what I came up with here and that fans of the character do to. I’m very pleased with how it came out myself.

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"What a messy little fuck hole my maid has."


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