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I haven’t drawn korrasami smut in a while (/ω\)

from this sketch

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what I heard tbh

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Anon Asks Roundup XIX

Is there no end to your sheer amazingness?!?!
THERE IS NO END!…PROBABLY! On a seperate note, if I had 3 wishes 1 of those wishes would most def be for a never-ending-pizza :V

What’s was the most “hardcore” thing that happened to you?…. -_O
Um, I once stepped on an earring barefoot, HARDCORE!

Can you give me your theme? its so beautiful
Sure, the theme is called The Borrowers and it’s made by ZELDATHEMES, it’s got a bunch of edits I can’t help with unfortunately cause mostly friends helped me with those ^w^;

Could you hopefully draw howler with a humanoid cat like alien (not full on cat looking like a furry just a human looking alien with cat like features)
I could…not xD sorry anon, I just don’t do requests is all.

Booooooooobs! your art is so great *-*
Buuuuuuuutts! Thanks anon!

I hate the build of the body sometimes. Its just not fair. As a straight guy i still ship many m/m and f/f (like korra/asami) and think “THEY MUST HAVE CHILDREN, FOR THOSE CHILDREN SHALL BE AWESOMENESS ITSELF” yet they cant T_T just not fair i tell ya
Write or draw all the lovechilds! or get them commissioned. They’re fictional characters, it doesn’t have to make sense anon! 8) Kyhu did a really cute korrasami one before.

Any chance of you doing a Korra comic?
If I learn how to do comics and the planets align and give me enough time to draw a proper comic I’d love to do one based on legend of korra sure *w*

Have you ever considered a collaboration?
Sure! Loads of people I would like to collab with, and two I need to actually finish! I just suck at dedicating time to collabs x(

Not really a foot fetish guy just to get that clear but something about the way you draw feet with or without socks makes them look so much more pleasing than with any other artists I’ve seen. hahah just had to get that out there. I also generally love your stuff btw!
Awesome! thanks anon, I’m sure there are more people out there who say I can’t draw feet, and they’d be right cause I don’t think I can draw feet xD but glad you enjoy them.

Ever thought of putting Howler in a hot threesome with Revy and Eda from Black Lagoon?
When I think of Howler and threesomes my mind instantly goes to my OT3, and that’s Howler, Dani and Nadia! Sorry, but I would like to do some Black Lagoon stuff eventually c:

Did the nip piercing hurt? Beacauce i wanna pierce my nip to but im little scared :3 
Yep, hurt like fuck! but only for a few seconds and then, it was all over. Everyone’s pain tolerance is diff, the actual piercing part hurt so bad for me, but the healing pain afterwards I didn’t mind at all, yet for others I’ve heard they’ve had terrible healing pain. I have a huge fear of needles, so looking back the worst part for me was actually the anxiety and worry leading up to it.

Good on you for trying to quit smoking! It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself. You’ll notice all your food tastes better, and tons more money in your pocket. Just some anon encouragement for you. (p.s. Thanks for the smut ;))
Thanks anon! it’s nice to be able to taste foods and smell again xD

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default album art
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i’m a horrible person

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