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Anon Asks Roundup XXI

What’s your favorite type of Pokemon from the first era or whatever you call it lol? Rock,Water,Fire, or what! And what one is your top favorite? I like Dragonite a lot! and also Hitmonlee!
I always liked Torchic and Charmander.

Legend of Korra: We a kids show, here’s a woman exploding her own head.
It was mindblowin B] ohohohoh…ahem, but yes, wow, I can’t believe they got away with so many deaths :O this season was pretty dark yo, I’m supposed to be an ADULT and it destroyed even me ;_;

Do you think Asami will manage to cheer Korra up?
Of course! we have to believe ;_; or I will not be able to deal with the wait until book 4.

y’all Bitchz R gay111111111!!!!!
Yeh B]

I miss your art so much, and check everyday for new stuff! You’re style is absolutely adorable!
ASASDJSAKD, anon stop <3 wish I could draw more for you guys, just so busy right now *cries*

Male AU!Korrasami yay or nay?
Yay of course, I would ship Korra and Asami if they were both chairs tbh >w> Chairra and Asofami OTP <3

Do you even Dark Souls? If so you should draw a cute Catarina Onion Knight girl taking off her armour.
I own dark souls! but I have never dark souled >w< so I dunno who that is! but if I ever get around to playing it and liking it who knows.

On a scale of 1 to pizza, how pizza is Korrasami?
Too pizza to pizza anon

Are you aware of Satsuki dickbutt? You should be. I wanted to post a link but Tumblr won’t let me. However if you Google ” Satsuki dickbutt” the correct Tumblr page should be first.
I was not, but I am now, the world is…different…now.

Just reading through your faqs and found out that Howler is an assassin/sniper. How come we have never seen her in her uniform/gear?
Yus. Simple answer cause I prefer drawing her naked xD Other answer: I’ve done some design doodles of outfits but never got round to finishing any of the pics so they’re not really worth showing, yet!

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Anon Asks Roundup XX

Pizza, or a nice butt to squeeze/bite?
Can’t it be both? butts make a nice plate for a pizza slices.

The other day I saw a girl who looks exactly like Howler! That made me wonder if you have white hair or look anything like her?
Nope not really, I’ve been considering being dumb and weird and coloring my hair like howler, just can’t decide, dunno if it wud turn out lame.

Do your friends know about your art, and does it turn them on?
Irl friends, nope. They know I draw, but have only ever seen my SFW stuff.

Hello, i give you a Email but i think you miss then or don’t found then… anyway how are you :D ?
Sorry if I missed it anon, I get a lot, I try to get back to evenyone nice enough to msg me it just takes me awhile ^w^; I’m good thanks!

I made a character in Dark Souls that looks surprising like Howler :D Just thought I’d let you know! Dunno why! Bye
Lol neat. For some reason I have copies of Demon Souls and Dark Souls and yet I have never ever played either x) I did try to make Howler in Saints Row 3 once, that was fun.

Would Korra use her water bending to bend a huge bucket of water based lube into a big chubby mega tentacle to totally destroy Asami’s butthole?
After watching Legend of Korra in its entirely I can safely say this is the only proper conclusion to come to :U

You like anime, and that’s awesome because the way the art style can be portrayed is always unique. And I feel like maybe you take influence from some? I sometimes think your art could be “anime” lol. But do you like Samurai Champloo? :) And if so, who is your favorite character on it? Just curious
Thanks so much anon, I like anime yes but I don’t think I watch enough variety of it to call myself an expert or anything, I don’t get to watch much, plus I’m really bad at picking new ones to watch, I usually pick really awful ones. Samurai champloo is actually one of my favs that I’ve watched, I have the dvd boxset, love the chars, animation, music, story, ugh, I love it all! fav char is Mugen cause I had a huge crush on him growing up and he can be my husbando if he wants >w>

If Howler was real, would you make love to her?
Ahahaha, nah I don’t think so, howler is my baby, wud feel too weird xD

I would love to see Korra in her PJs from the episode “The Terror Within” getting a facial or bukkake, or anything really.

Korra’s PJ bottoms look like they’re of that sort of material that goes really dark when wet. Ideas…
PJs!Korra is important to me.

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bryke = actual real life tearbenders

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Before Book 3 finale: My body is ready
After Book 3 finale: My body was not ready
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Don’t miss the incredible Book 3 conclusion this Friday at 12pm EST on nick.com!

Brace yourselves!!!!

This excitement cannot be contained.

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