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default album art
Song: Important Sass
Artist: Toph
Played: 6,946 times.




she’s not wrong…


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default album art
Song: I'm THE original Beifong!
Artist: Toph
Played: 6,696 times.


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asami portrait from stream

I drew her hair the opposite side woops

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Anon Asks Roundup XXIV

List of yours of Howler’s fetishes? :3 
Pizza, butts, korra, asami, pizza, money, sleeping.

Can you draw some Elsa yuri?
I can and will, someday! I don’t know why but I ship elsanna…wat is wrong with meeee. Sorry am I trash w;

Could you post a link to the voice clip from Varney’s "Jesus wants you to go down on your wife"? I need it on my computer.
It’s from Janet Varney’s awesome podcast The JV Club (I recommend checking it out!), it’s from this episode with Grey Delisle (AZULA!)

Holy fucking shit Owler I snorted so hard with my nose upon seeing that Opal picture it caused a nosebleed and a massive headache that’s the hottest thing I’ve seen in I don’t know how long BUT A FUCKING LONG TIME FUCK ME 
Don’t let Bolin hear you anon D:

Since you’re not doing college this year have you considered saving and travelling? Go interesting places, meet interesting people (and draw diiiirty pictures of them).
Basically, I’m broke, I work everyday, every cent I get is going to helping out my mom right now.

I really like the shadowing with the new art you did :) Looks good and just makes it look better lol
Thanks! I dunno wat I did different?? xD personally I wasn’t too happy with how the Elsa pic ended up looking but I kinda just forced myself to do something art related, I’m so out of practice cause I haven’t had time for any art the last 2 months, so I just picked an old unfinished Elsa pic and sort of went through the motions >w< All my recent sketches have been bad.

Do you fap to your own art?

Welcome back! So happy to see new art from you! 
Thankies uwu sorry it isn’t much! would love to be able to draw more for you guys <3

What do you think about Kuvira in Korra s4?
I think she can step on me if she wants >w>

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Anon Asks Roundup XXIII

Have you ever checked out the web comic Oglaf? It’s a lot of fun and seems like something you’d enjoy :)
Yeh I’ve read some of it, what I’ve seen was pretty awesome c:

Short haired Korra or Ponytail Asami. Which are you diggin’ more?
DONT MAKE ME CHOOSE! Asami…no korra, NO ASAMI! I dunno! I don’t wanna know!

I see you draw the anal. Do you like the anal yourself?

Hey owls got any porno artists you like to gawk at?

I think Kuvira would look stunning in your style.
Ah thanks anon, I think Kuvira looks stunning in every style! I did a gay sketch of her with the other ‘dancebender’ we saw (from her first appearance). Just haven’t had time to finish it yet.

Do you even stream?


Possible to get a doodle of Toph getting her rocks off? I need it for science.
Sure, I might do a pic of 18+ yr old Toph someday ^w^

What should i buy for my butt :3 a dildo or a buttplug :P 
A cute buttplug uwu

How will you feel when Legend of Korra series end? And do you think there will be another Avatar series in the future?

I watched book 4 ep 2 a second time and cried more than the first time UGH. I’ll be sad when it ends sure, but the series will always still be there. I still watch ATLA over and over (sometimes I like putting the entire thing on in the background and listening to it while I draw).

I have no idea if there will be another series, but I’d think Bryke are ready to move onto something else by now after working on it for so long x) whatever it may be I’ll definitely be interested in seeing what they work on next. Same for Studio Mir, LoK’s voice cast and pretty much all the amazing production artists that worked on LoK, I’ll def be keeping up with them and I’m super excited to see whatever comes next from such talented individuals c:

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hey owler i abslutely fucking adore ur work , do u think u will ever do opal stuff shes gotten pretty hot in s4

Anonymous ASKED

Thanks anon

I did a quick opal sketch ages ago I haven’t shown off before so here you go!


hi res [x] referenced from this pose by LM

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default album art
Song: WWJD?
Played: 17,434 times.


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