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Not sure if I should feel flattered or insulted.


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Anon Asks Roundup XVIII

Hey, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind me asking. Your artwork has definitely inspired me to get back into drawing, but I never went beyond scribbling into my notebook. Could you possibly tell me what kind of equipment you use, digital or otherwise, that you use to draw and also, how much did it all cost?
I use a 6x11” wacom intuos 3, and for software I use Paint Tool Sai. The tablet was about $300-ish when I bought it, and SAI was about $50. You can get really good tablets that are pretty cheap nowadays, same with software. If you google about good first tablets/software I’m sure others will have better advice than me, I don’t know anything about the current stuff! But don’t let lack of money hold you back, the fancy gear is all well and cool, but for learning all you really need is a pencil, paper and the desire to learn! I’m a firm believer in “it’s the artist, not the tool”, so best of luck anon!

Any chance of threesomes? Perhaps with multiple positions for optimal fucking?
I wanna draw more threesomes ;A; but I find drawing 2 or more characters really hard, posing interacting characters is pretty difficult for me, the way to get better is by drawing more of it of course, so I just gotta force myself to practice more! >w<;

Do your parents know what r u drowing?
Nope lol.

You didn’t make Satsuki’s vagbrows nearly big enough.
I’m sure they’ll grow in more and become even more powerful anon c:

Finally got around to watching KlK on Netflix. If you were to draw more dirty Ryuko that’d be pretty OK.
YUS! I wanna draw more of her, and more humanoid senketsu >w>

I know your OTP is korrasami, but whats your OT3?
Howler, Kyhu’s Nadia, and Niko’s Dani of course <3

Being such a TLOK fan I thought I’d let you know a killer announcement happened. (I think you may be a Bayonetta fan too?) Platinum Games will be releasing a TLOK game this fall. DROOL! AMIRITE? Least we can bet itll be playable!
I saw! Looks really neat c: I really liked playing bayonetta and metal gear rising so I’m looking forward to it!

You said you didn’t have any tattoos, but what would you like to have or do you have any ideas? Like tribal, abstract, etc lol? I like the way you draw and was curious if you wanted a tattoo like that.
Some piece of art, probably of a bird of some kind, in an intricate or watercolor style, by an artist I admired, all those things pls, and could I have it licked on by korra too pls kthxbai

How do you start when you are gonna draw hands?
I usually draw a blob for the palm and slowly start filling in where I think the main points (the fingertips) to define the gesture should go, I try and think about each finger in 3D space. Usually if I have a particular hand gesture in my head I don’t know how to draw I’ll just look down at my own hand and try draw that.

Any anal tips you know about?
Ask kyhu #bye #she gona kill me

Can you draw a footjob scene with owler? would love that!
It’s not something I’d draw myself, but wouldn’t mind doing it as a commission ^w^

If you’re ever feeling down do you console yourself with the knowledge that you have the power to make people masturbate on an international scale?
I always wanted my own fapping army! xD #prolly not very effective tho

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Beach Howler, style for this was inspired by あっちょ’s super cute work ^w^

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The Legend





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God why did I ink this whole thing this evening….?


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based on [x]

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getting the d like

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korra…in pjs…with hair down…

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